Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Running with my dog

Anybody who has seen Cesar Millan’s show in the National Geographic Channel would understand. As a traveler by instinct, dog walks is an essential part of a dog’s day. Normally, in the wild, dogs walk as a pack in the morning and since you are the leader of the “pack” it is just normal that you walk your dog.

Instead of walking, I run with Zeena my dog (pitbull). With this, I hit 2 birds with one stone because I not only get the exercise; I also get to walk\run my dog. Especially with this breed, walking may not be enough and you have to run to compensate with the high energy that is included with the breed’s temperament.

Our route is a permanent one. It starts on our house then loops around a business area about 1 kilometer away then back. Adding the total business area, which includes a park and a mall, the run is about 3 kilometers all in all.

This is one part of my exercise as I alternate this with my gym routine, every other day. I started this routine about 3 months ago but not really with consistency as my work, friends and the weather may interfere. I’m confident that if I do this consistently, I would not only fulfill my dog’s need but also maintain if not reduce my weight.

So if you have a dog, get your leash and start running.

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